“Get Smart!” Townhall Forum – Test Your Meter IQ – Rescheduled

(Santa Barbara, CA – March 18, 2011) San Luis Obispo County just halted installation of smart meters. It becomes the 33rd California communitiy to do so. More cities and counties are awakening to the hazards of these privacy invading machines. Why? And why is the media silent?

Get ready to test your Meter IQ and get the real scoop at “Are You Smarter than a Smart Meter” Townhall Forum. Our Big Annual April Event features a panel of national experts who will reveal up to the minute information (much of it not even available until then) on the latest Battle between Man and Machine.

Rescheduled for Thursday, April 28, at 7pm, Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort. If you care about your wallet, health, our national security, understanding the Big Picture, and how we can Win against Goliath, you will be there. Details soon. GET SMART. Reserve at 967.7520 or