8-28 in Santa Barbara & Constitution Seminar & Immediate Call to Action Re: ObamaCare in CA

1. Restoration Weekend – 8-28 in Santa Barbara – Special Event
Are you looking to be in sync with Glenn Beck’s Restoration Weekend – and our fellow tea partiers in DC? One of our members, Bryan Tari, whom many of you know because he plays keyboard at our events, is in real life a world-class pianist. He has two concerts scheduled this weekend – Sat, 8-28, at 7:30 & Sun, 8-29 at 3 at First United Methodist Church (Garden @ Anapamu). Tickets are only $15/$10 Students. A portion of the profits will benefit SBTP. Purchase tickets for “Bryan Tari Plays Chopin & Liszt, The Maestro in Summer Recital” from Arlington Ticket Agency 963-4408.

2) NOTE: Constitution Seminar is moving to September 25. Details soon.
If you have already registered and have questions, please email

3) Call to Action – Calls Needed to Governor – NOW
Please call/contact Gov Schwarzenegger to veto AB 1602 and SB 900. These bills implement ObamaCare in our state. Phone: 916-445-2841 / Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number) “Yesterday, the CA Senate passed key state implementation bills establishing the California health insurance exchange — AB1602 (Perez) and SB900 (Alquist/Steinberg) – making California the FIRST STATE IN THE NATION to take this central step of implementing the new federal health reform law! Several other bills passed as well, and many more are expected to go to a floor vote later this week. To get up-to-date info on all the State implementation and consumer protection bills in the State legislature, visit this link.”

As a sidebar, this is just another reason why we need Mike Stoker in the CA Assembly. Volunteer at www.stoker4assembly.com

4) Debate – Carly vs. Boxer – Wednesday, 9.1 @ 7 to 8 – C-Span TV
This may very well be the only debate between Fiorina and Boxer and could be the tipping point in the race. SBTP will notify members on or before Monday with a location if we decide to gather for this happening.

5) SBTP Targeted National Race – John Dennis, Queen Nancy’s Nemesis
Candidate Dennis gave an inspiring speech in Santa Barbara on Wednesday. Many tea partiers attended the luncheon honoring him. Dennis is on SBTP’s list of National Targets for Election. (The Left dismissed Scotty Brown, but the miracle of a defeat of Queen Nancy could not be excused.) John Dennis needs help now from the grassroots with his media blitz. Visit www.johndennis2010.com.

6) Update – 3rd Candidate in Congressional Race – Campaign Heats Up
Attorney John Hager has qualified to be on the ballot as an Independent candidate for the 23rd Congressional District seat now held by incumbent US Rep. Lois Capps. In an article in 8.26 SB News-Press, he states he is running against both Democrats and Republicans, and nearly all his interview attacks Tom Watson. www.watson4congress.com.

New Events

BTP Dolly Madison Quote du Jour, “While Michelle ‘Antoinette’ plays in a 30 room palace in Spain, we continue our fight for our freedom”

1. Congratulations & Thank you – DISCLOSE Act
Tea partiers throughout the country are cautiously celebrating yesterday’s victory in the Senate. Thanks to everyone who took the time to contact fence sitters: Brown, Collins & Snowe. Cloture vote failed 57-41.

2. Calendar – Tues, 3 Aug –  6:30 to 8:00 PM
Congresswoman Capps will participate in a public forum re: the Gulf Oil Spill. Faulkner Gallery, SB Public Library, 40 E Anapamu St. Bring your questions. Free.

3. Calendar – Sat, 7 Aug – 2:30 to 6:00 PM
Fiesta Booth at the Cantina. Mercado del Norte, State @ Las Positas. Stop by for great retro music, have fun, meet your fellow SBTP friends. Call Elizabeth to help or for info  259.7191.

4. Calendar – Wed, 25 Aug – VIP Luncheon
John Dennis, “Nancy Pelosi’s Menace,” will be the keynote speaker at Lincoln Club of SB Annual Mtg. Meet the candidate whose goal is to help America’s favorite Speaker of the House retire her tiara. $50 Montecito Country Club.. www.sblincolnclub.org.

5. Listen – Every Wednesday at 2 on 1290 Radio
Mark McIntire hosts a new radio program called “Mind that Matters.” McIntire is the Professor of Logic who so ably interviewed David Horowitz.

6. Watch – A  Look Back at American Culture
American Optimism at its best.

7. Support – AZ  – Court Appeal for States Rights.
While parts of the Senate Bill 1070 were upheld, the left will appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the most liberal appeals court in the nation.  Also, supporters will be appealing those parts of the law that were struck.  We must remain steadfast in our support for Arizona and this law!  As an aside, hotel bookings in the Phoenix & Scottsdale areas are up over 10% from last year!  Keep it up, folks!